About Good Health Mart

In 1993, Murray McMahon, the founder of Good Health Mart was ready for a career change.  Having used vitamins and supplements for more than fourteen years to overcome a health issue, he knew first hand that natural health products were real medicines and an effective alternative to prescription drugs.  He purchased a health food store in Woodbridge, Ontario, changed the name to Good Health Mart and expanded the product line to include a wider range of quality supplements, health foods and services.  Murray says, “It’s been an incredible journey into the natural health products market over the last twenty-nine years.”

Although there were certainly many other health food and vitamin stores in the Greater Toronto area, Murray believed there was definitely room for improvement.  From the beginning, Murray says, “I set up the store the way I like to shop.  I want quality products and superior service at a reasonable price.”  His motto has been, ‘It’s your money, not ours, until you are satisfied.’  Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance.  As a consequence the slogan ‘Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee’ can be seen at the checkout of all Good Health Mart stores.

Eunice McMahon employed her extensive knowledge of accounting (and inexhaustible energy) into the new store from the beginning; and after retiring from her position as a business teacher in 1998, she dedicated all of her time to the growing business.  She is now the corporation’s CFO and COO and still finds the time to visit all of the stores on a regular basis helping managers, staff and franchisee members in every aspect of the day-to-day operations.  Eunice has a very demanding role and fortunately, she is a real believer in what vitamins and supplements can do for one’s well-being and is a fantastic example of radiant health.

The Good Health Mart family has grown to ten stores serving Greater Toronto and Southern Ontario.  Our knowledgeable staff work with their customers to help empower them to understand the importance of supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies and sound nutrition and take control of their own health.  The Good Health Mart difference lies in our staff’s level of education and caring.

We invite you to come into one of our locations and experience for yourself the Good Health Mart difference of complete personalized service.